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Words are in our blood, they are what form the intricate stories we create for ourselves and for our clients. Below, are some examples of Sabrina Forbes’ creations.

They range from ghost-written thought-leadership articles on behalf of clients, personal ramblings and post-event press releases to client biographies, product press releases and a ghost-written food blog.


Kefilwe Mabote

Public Figure and Influencer

Kefilwe Mabote
Short Bio

Business woman, innovator, icon, stylist, pioneer, influencer, mother. These are just a few words that have become synonymous with fashion powerhouse, Kefilwe Mabote. Hailing from Soweto, this JHB-based business icon currently runs a successful styling business that evolved from a strong, fashion-forward social media footprint.

Raised by her mother and grandmother, Kefilwe’s innate passion for dressing up soon sprouted a demand for personal styling from family and friends. This starter-pack clientele base grew and so a career (although at times tumultuous) was born. Unfortunately, being a stylist was not viewed as a typical career for a young, black South African woman, and Kefilwe’s dreams were often met with backlash from those who believed conformity to work best.

Kefilwe attempted said conformity by beginning to study a BCom in the hopes of quietening her naysayers but soon realised she couldn’t continue down a passionless path. It was no easy feat to get to where she is today and Kefilwe will be the first to admit she has experienced her fair share of rejection, bullying, failure and dream crushing. But, like the saying goes, it didn’t kill her, it only made her stronger.

Kefilwe’s, eventually very successful career, experienced a slow start as the fashion and styling industry was becoming over saturated and it had become more and more difficult to carve a unique name and brand. Kefilwe stood steadfast in her desires to style the elite and continued to create beautiful, luxe content for her lifestyle blog, BLOG NAME. As her blog’s popularity increased, so too did her client list and social following. Kefilwe continued to work on her blog but also incorporated the power of social media to build her luxury brand. Today, she works with some of the world’s most elite brands and clients. Brands such as YSL, Cartier, Lamborghini and Prada are no stranger to all that is Kefilwe, but neither are H&M, TopShop and other more affordable fashion outlets. Kefilwe has a real knack for combining high-fashion with solid basics to create a unique and enviable style.

Ten years ago, the possibility of building a career through a phone would have seemed preposterous but today Kefilwe’s entire business is run through her social media channels. For her, these platforms have become the blank canvasses through which she can express her creativity and artistic aptitude. Kefilwe pushes for every post to be truly authentic and this is one of the reasons she has been able to grow an engaged, loyal following. An average engagement rate for Kefilwe is in the 13% mark which is very high considering the saturation of content on Instagram. Her fans trust her and know that she would never support a brand she didn’t like, used or believed in. You too can follow her on Instagram @kefilwe_mabote

With a career most people can only dream of and sights set on much bigger opportunities, Kefilwe has stuck to the roots from her simple beginnings and wants to inspire the youth that they too can create a career guided by their innate passions.

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Cameron van der Burgh

Olympic Champion

Cameron van der Burgh

Picture this: a fidgety young boy with a wild imagination, destined for a life on Ritalin, finds himself in a swimming pool as therapy for his ADD and becomes one of the greatest breaststroke swimmers of all time.

Born on 25 May 1988, in Pretoria South Africa, Cameron van der Burgh grew up in a world of make believe with an overactive imagination and a busy, busy mind. He couldn’t sit still for long and recalls his biggest punishment as being sent to his room on a timeout. He was like many other boys his age but Cameron’s diagnosis with ADD thankfully came with an alternative treatment to brain-altering drugs: swimming. What was meant to calm him down and give his brain something else to concentrate on, became the biggest catalyst for the life of a World Champion, a Commonwealth Champion, and an Olympic Champion.

It almost didn’t happen though for just as Cameron’s love and natural talent for swimming started to surface, he broke his ankle.

You can’t swim with only one good ankle.
A young career in jeopardy.

But for someone with the ‘steely determination, single-minded focus and unwavering dedication’ that Cameron has been said to have (on many, many occasions), this was not going to change the future. With a healed ankle and hours, days, months, and years of training and rehab behind him, Cameron qualified for his first World Champs in 2007, returning home with a bronze medal. In 2008 he qualified and competed in the Beijing Olympics, without placing, and by 2009 was well on his way to a World Record at the South African nationals. It was also the year he won his first Major International Title when he raced the 50m breaststroke in Rome.

Cameron’s swimming career soon began its very fast trajectory to secure him as one of the best swimmers the world has ever seen. As the first home-trained world record holder and Olympic champion in Africa, this was no small feat.

2010 saw him win the gold, and break the record, at the Commonwealth Games for 50m breaststroke. That same year he took gold at the World Short Course Championships for 100m breaststroke and in 2011 Cameron took gold at the South African National Championships, setting the world’s leading time.

London came calling in 2012 and for these Olympic Games, Cameron was ready to head her call, breaking the World Record and taking home gold in the 100m breaststroke.

The 2013, 2015, and 2017 World Championships totalled five medals with the 2016 Rio Olympics resulting in a silver for 100m breaststroke, just behind heavy favourite and rival, Adam Peaty.

This year, Cameron swam his final laps at a Commonwealth Games and explains his 50m win over Adam Peaty as the most emotionally memorable of all his swims. Looking back at his 11 year career, Cameron remembers more animosity and competition between team players than support and celebration. As a senior in the South African National team, he made it his duty to punt and teach the others about the importance of team support. According to him, nobody should ever have to swim a final alone. His team took to his thinking well and Cameron was accompanied by what he called a ‘little possy’, (boombox and all), to his final 50m swim. After touching the wall in first place, Cameron turned to celebrate to his team members, again showing the power and strength of the group, as they cheered and celebrated his win as it were their own.

The 2020 Tokyo Olympics are fast approaching and Cameron has many post-retirement plans after his life and career as a professional athlete and huge success. When asked what sport besides swimming he would have liked to be this successful him, Cameron hardly pauses to say surfing. With a love of water and a sport that chases summer, it’s no surprise why.

Almost two years ago, Cameron launched the sports and marketing consultancy, Touch58, which helps to guide marketing efforts to best leverage sports sponsorships. With a sponsorship track record like his, he surely knows a thing or two. Investec has been with him for over a decade, with Audi on six years and Samsung just over two. Plus, Arena has followed and supported him his entire career. He understands that the perception towards athletes is that they have no business acumen, and he wants to change this mindset.

Pending nuptials, in Athens, to his Greek Goddess in July of this year are currently keeping Cameron busy as well and his daily activities have changed from hours of swimming training to working in an office and taking his two dogs for walks on the promenade. The life of this Olympian has changed but his ambition, courage, and ‘steely determination’ remain.

Cameron loves a good surf and can be found pushing the limits of his body at Crossfit most days of the week. His favourite food is Greek food and his favourite drink is Chardonnay. Favourite colour? Blue, obviously. Favourite city, Cape Town, the place he currently calls home with Greece steadfast his favourite holiday destination.

From fidgety boy, to Olympic Champion, to entrepreneur, to husband; the world has been good to Cameron van der Burgh. And he has been good to the world.

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Sabrina Forbes for Taste Magazine

In My Nonna's Kitchen

June 2017

Taste Magazine
Woolworths TASTE Magazine Column

How do you turn an awkward teenage into a passionate feeder? Raise her on home-made lasagne, vitello tonnato, tiramisu and crazy Italian family lunches starring gnocchi and Formula One.

Remember the award-winning Fatti’s & Moni’s advert from 2002 showing a cheerful Italian nonna whipping up authentic Italian fare before being put in the cupboard afterwards? It still makes me chuckle because it reminds me so much of my life growing up. Only, my Nonna remained front and centre in our kitchen, we didn’t hide her away.

I was raised by my Italian/German grandparents in Bedfordview in Joburg and great as it was, I blame this on why I was never ‘cool’ at school. Wearing lederhosen and embroidered dresses well into my teen years made me an easy target. It was only when the other kids discovered there was a walk-in pantry with a lifetime supply of Nutella at my house that they started taking me more seriously. I loved spending time in the kitchen with my Nonna, pretending I was on a world-famous cooking show while we made dishes including lasagna, tiramisu, vitello tonnato, minestrone, pasta e fagioli, baccalà, brodo, cacciatore… the list is endless. All this ‘uncoolness’ paid dividends in the end, because out of all my friends and most relatives, I am still considered the best cook. (Okay, my one cousin became a pastry chef, she’s a little out of my league.)

My best memories of my foodie childhood are of our Sunday lunches with the whole family. Aunts. Uncles. And all the cousins. I loved seeing the dining-room table set to its full capacity, then another table added on the end and sometimes, depending on how many of us had invited friends over, we’d have to open the sliding door and arrange some small tables on the patio, too. Great care was taken to seat only the ‘real’ Italians outside, as they were much better at handling the mid-summer afternoon heat; sometimes there’d be up to 27 people.

So while other children were spending their Sunday afternoon at the movies with boys, or whatever the cool kids did then, I was perfectly happy to smash three bowls of gnocchi, then settle down to watch the grand prix with my uncles. After lap 40 or so, you could be sure everyone was asleep - there was no other option after an epic lunch in which everything had been made from scratch in our very own kitchen. I didn’t even know it was an option to buy a readymade pasta sauce until I moved out of home and had to spend more time in supermarkets. And when I found out how many different types of dried pasta were available, I was gobsmacked.

You see, a typical Sunday lunch in our house would go like this: kilos of potatoes would be peeled and boiled from early in the morning, then we’d get to work...rolling, cutting and flouring hundreds of tiny, delicious potato balls that would morph into my Nonna’s famous gnocchi later that afternoon. All the while, a massive, bubbly pot of bolognese - made with tomatoes from our vegetable garden - was simmering away on the stove. The entire process normally took about seven hours and, when lunch was served, silence reigned. Nonna’s gnocchi was so good that is pretty much the only way to get my Italian/German (and very opinionated) family to stop talking and build up their strength for the traditional afternoon session in front of the TV. And my Nonna never seemed to mind that, after all that work, everyone ate and then left the table to watch the race. I think she took special pride in being responsible for all those full bellies of the people she cared about the most.

In my own home today, I try to keep everything as homemade as possible. I haven’t yet bought a readymade pasta sauce (pats self on back), but while I don’t ever cater for as many people as Nonna did at Sunday lunch, I am inherently a feeder. *You come-ah to my house-ah, I make-ah you something good.” (*said just as my Nonna would)

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Luxe online cosmetic brand,


is everything that’s sexy about scrubs.

Kahve Information
Product Launch Press Release"

Ex-Stormers rugby player, Tim Whitehead, is your typical man’s man. Quantity Surveyor, Stuart Black, is your quintessential guy’s guy. Together they have some of the softest, smoothest skin around and aren’t afraid to admit it. How you ask?.

Brought together by an innate passion for start-up entrepreneurship and early-phase business development, this duo forged minds and created a unique online brand that they believe should be in everyone’s bathroom. They promise you’ll fall in love instantly.
The pair travelled internationally to source and test as many scrubs as they could but found the highest quality ingredients for their product could be sourced right here at home. They invested their time, money and energy to launch this luxe skin scrub that meets all required international standards and produced their first batch early July 2017.

Kahve (Turkish for coffee) has arrived just in time, here’s to the sexiest, smoothest summer yet.

Kahve is a body scrub range that’s sexy, dark, and indulgent. It’s packaging has a masculine luxe look, yet is sleek and chic. This local brand is all-natural, eco-friendly and locally produced. It’s simply everything your skin needs, right now.

Using Kahve Skin Scrub is reminiscent of that powerful secret confidence in knowing you’re wearing sexy underwear underneath your sweatpants and Tee.

Kahve is…
A silent, sexy skin confidence.
A side glance that doesn’t go unnoticed.
A wild heart beat from an unexpected touch.
A bite my bottom lip reaction.

Currently available in two formulas, Enliven (coffee/cinnamon) and Revive (coconut/matcha), Kahve uses only locally sourced ingredients that have many wonderful and powerful properties. Enliven contains the almost magical and well-known power of caffeine to assist in reducing the appearance of cellulite and tighten the skin, it’s the perfect morning scrub to energize and invigorate. Revive combines the forces of coconut oil and Japanese Matcha, both rich in antioxidants, to relieve stressed and tired skin, it’s what your sun-kissed skin has been waiting for.

Available for purchase online only, with free delivery in South Africa.

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Dining for a cause

- The Art Of Conservation.

Dining for a cause
Pre-Event Press Release
Cape Town, 05 July 2017

The Art Curator Gallery at Lourensford Wine Estate has joined forces with the Cape Leopard Trust and esteemed South African artist Fuz Caforio to host a high-calibre fundraising event in support of the ongoing efforts to protect the Cape Leopard and conserve its ever decreasing natural habitat. The Art of Conservation project will take place on 29 July 2017, with the aim to raise R400 000.

The fires that tore through the Helderberg mountains in early 2017 left in their wake immense destruction. It was clearer than ever that action needed to be taken to not only protect the indigenous flora and fauna of the area but the majestic large cat that calls it home. And so the partnership between the Art Curator, Fuz Caforio and the Cape Leopard Trust was born.

This important collaboration’s role is to raise awareness of South African conservation at a large scale, and aims to safeguard the future of our country’s unique wildlife. What makes this project different is how art is being used as a medium to inspire change and raise awareness.

Having dedicated half his life to painting and the past decade to studying large cats, Fuz Caforio’s masterful artistry is the obvious choice for a fundraiser of this nature. His support of wildlife conservation dates back more than two decades and his passion to protect all large cats shows through in the detail and way in which he captures the spirit of each animal he paints.

The fundraiser and auction taking place on 29 July 2017 will play host to Cape Town’s elite conservationists, art-collectors and influencers, guests will be treated to a night of musical entertainment and enjoy a three-course dining experience at The Millhouse restaurant.

For those not attending the fundraising auction, the Art Curator Gallery will be holding a Fuz Caforio exhibition throughout July. Henry Taylor, owner of the Art Curator Gallery invites friends and guests to take part in The Art of Conservation project by visiting the exhibition, everyone is welcome to enjoy the majesty that this talented, local artist has created.

Fuz Caforio has created and donated a one-of-a-kind masterpiece that will be unveiled at The Art of Conservation with an estimated value upwards of R90 000. All proceeds from the auction of this piece as well as other highly sought-after products and experiences will be donated to The Cape Leopard Trust. The aim is to raise a minimum of R400 000 for this great cause. Details of the auction will follow soonest.

As the courteous venue sponsor of this event, Lourensford Wine Estate has created the Cape Leopard Wine Collection, available in Chardonnay and SMV range. This once-off collection will be available on the night and throughout the month of August; at the Art Curator Gallery. There are only 500 bottles each of red and white that have been masterfully created for this occasion.

The Art of Conservation is grateful to sponsors Ferrari, Diamond Works and Royal Portfolio for adding their support to such a prestigious, and crucial, fundraising event. Their advocacy of South African wildlife conservation goes a long way.

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Artist Collaboration

Kuni Frank Bio
Post-Event Press Release

Cape Town - International artists/models Ana Kuni and Linnea Frank launched season two of their collaborative exhibition, KuniFrank, at the Orms School of Photography, on Thursday 16 March 2017. The white walls of the spacious fourth-floor venue provided a clean backdrop for the colourful artworks.

VIP guests from iAfrica, Glamour, Art Africa and The Cape Argus were treated to gin sponsored by Wilderer Distillery, music, and beautiful views of Table Mountain and Lion's Head. Besides being free to mingle, attendees were also welcome to participate in a live installation piece project, watch a video of behind-the-scenes KuniFrank moments on a big screen, and bid in an auction of customised denim jackets.

The special relationship between Ukrainian Kuni and Swedish Frank was first formed on social media. After Kuni noticed Frank on Instagram, the women decided to meet up in person and combine their artistic and photographic talents. The result of this experimental exercise was a successful first season, which took place in February 2016. The public responded positively to their work; loving the concept of a ‘Creative Sisterhood’, wherein women are encouraged to show support for one another.

Inspired by travels to various remote destinations, Kuni and Frank established the main character of their latest exhibition, Warrior Girl; an untameable force that is both gentle and fierce, representing a blend of nature and art on a deeply spiritual level. One with her changing environment, she is not limited to Earthly laws such as time and space. Instead, she is a symbol of feminine power, reminding women to remain strong in a world that tries to make them feel weak and inferior.

The main body of the KuniFrank season two collection consists of squares that are displayed in groups of four. The purpose of this display suggests that there is a story that extends beyond the physical borders of the frames. It is the task of the viewer to look past the limitations of the squares in order to imagine their own narratives about the Warrior Girl.

Kuni’s style is defined by her use of watercolour, acrylics, spray paint and pigments. In contrast, Frank works with photographs and multiple layers. The artists used materials, including copper and brass, to saturate their work with different colours and textures. These open-minded women believe that incorporating dynamic materials gives life to their art, accepting that change is inevitable, and should, therefore, be embraced without fear of the unknown.

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Asanda Maku

TV Personality

Asanda Maku Bio
Short Bio

Although Asanda Maku was born in Namibia, she was raised in a proudly South African home that had a strong maternal influence. From a young age, Asanda was encouraged to take part in school productions, which boosted her confidence, and confirmed her love for the arts, and culture. Upon finishing high school in Port Elizabeth, she decided to move to Cape Town so she could pursue a career in professional presenting.

Her first official audition was the 2005 VJ search for MTV Base’s World Chart Express show. She made it into the top 3 before losing the competition. Despite the disappointment she did not let failure stop her from trying again. Two years later, her dream of becoming a television presenter came to fruition when she was offered a hosting position on SABC 2's Hectic Nine-9, her first live show. Although nervous, Asanda stepped up to the challenge and hasn’t looked back.

For Asanda, her job is not about chasing fame. She has always loved entertaining people; through storytelling, or simply by making them laugh. This is why she is happy working in front of or behind a camera. Her biggest goal is to see her ideas come to life.

If she hadn’t found her way into this career, Asanda believes she might have become an artist or become involved with food somehow. She has an innate love of creating something from nothing. Her biggest fear is dying without all of her dreams and ideas coming to life.

Besides a thriving career in the spotlight, Asanda is also a mom, determined to be a positive role model for her young daughter, especially in a world that is saturated with social media. Asanda tries to lead by example; choosing to share content that is as authentic as possible.

Being active on social media has helped Asanda grow a loyal audience she may not have been able to engage with in traditional means. For her, showing her real self online is what brands want to see and why so many of them want to work with her, this is where she lives her truth.

Asanda believes in “keeping things real” and does so by getting involved with philanthropic causes. She is an advocate of women’s rights, hoping to someday open a safe haven for abused mothers and children.

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Ana Kuni


Ana Kuni Bio
Short Bio

Ana Kuni is a Ukrainian-born artist.

As a young girl, Ana would draw intricately detailed cakes and princesses on paper and this started her journey into the love of art. An early modelling career took Ana around the world where a lot of her artistic foundation was molded but a job 11 years ago brought her to Cape Town and Ana never left.

From the age of six, Ana went to art school in Ukraine, however, she has not had any formal training nor held any professional studies in art. This, however, never stopped her from learning and her travels in life introduced her to many teachers and established artists around the world, from whom she learned a number of skills and applications.

All of Ana's art is created free-hand and many have said they feel huge energy in her pieces. Her work is dynamic and full of movement but also highly detailed, a huge task considering a lot of her work is done as massive murals.

Ana is best-known for her Warrior-Girl character, created to share her message of empowerment and independence and the creation of a non-competitive environment among all women. Close to Ana's heart is the importance of helping and supporting one another throughout life. Her Warrior-Girl stands for strength, freedom, and unity for all women and Ana continues to paint her onto murals around the world, often in poorer, rural areas. By giving her Warrior-Girl life, Ana hopes to give a voice to those who've been without one for so long.

She's also created bespoke denim jackets with detailed, hand-painted Warrior-Girls. In Ana's eyes, when you wear her jackets, you become a Warrior-Girl yourself and an inspiration to those around you.

Her own inspiration stems from the teachings of mystic, guru and spiritual teacher, Osho, who shares and writes about what he believes makes us human. From this, Ana's artwork aims to reflect what she describes as being a 'conscious, compassionate and creative being living in harmony with the inner and outer world'.

The beauty of this message is how Ana interprets it for herself and she wants individuals to interpret her work using their own imagination by creating a metaphor that works for them and what they need in life.

Ana typically makes use of social media for engaging clients and promoting her work. For her, Instagram has become her personal gallery wall. Follow her @ana_kuni

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The Retreat

A transformational health and wellness getaway you don’t want to miss

Life Retreat Image
Pre-Event press Release

Kerri-Lee Taylor, experienced yoga teacher has joined forces with international health superstar, Jessica Sepel, to deliver a 3-day retreat aimed at bringing you closer to understanding your body and the signals this beautiful and powerful machine gives you, every day.

The formidable duo has created a transformational retreat that aims to touch on six nourishing elements of the mind, body and soul: Nutrition, skin, movement, meditation, laughter and leisure.

The Retreat’s main objective is to give guests the opportunity to recuperate, reconnect, refresh and reset in a calming and harmonious environment, alongside other like-minded individuals.

Guests will be treated to light morning and evening yoga classes combined with guided meditations, all brought together with nutritious and mindfully prepared organic meals. Additional massage and/or TRE therapy will be available upon request.

The highlight of this getaway is an interactive cooking demo with Jessica Sepel. Jessica is a clinical nutritionist, best-selling health author, international health blogger and remains one of Australia’s most sought-after health and wellness advocates.

Jessica believes that we need to improve and build the relationship we have with food and our body and will be addressing key elements from her bespoke 8-week health program, The JSHealth Program, an online plan to quit diets forever, find a balanced weight and live a healthy life.

The power, authenticity and benefit that Jessica will bring to this retreat stems from her own personal experience with food and her relationship with her body. Like most young women, Jessica’s mentality towards food was pained growing up. Fortunately for her, much needed change came when she began to look deeper into how nutrition actually works and when she started to learn about how the body really works, her mentality towards food evolved.

“Once I started listening to my body, it responded in the best way. It healed itself. I freed myself from the all-consuming obsession with food, and finally found balance. When you feed your body with goodness and love, it is so, so good to you in return. It’s the most empowering, amazing feeling.”

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